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Tension and stress constricts muscles hindering efficient fluid movement throughout the body. This flow is vital for the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and the removal of toxins from the body.


Blends two healing arts - a relaxing massage with nature's aromatic and healing essential oils. A thorough massage, emphasizing back, neck, and shoulders eases tension and redistributes the body's energies.

Basic Back Massage
30 minutes

Deluxe Back Massage
with neck and scalp treatment
45 minutes

Relaxation Massage
with back, posterior leg, neck and scalp treatment
60 minutes

Revitalizing Massage
full body
75 minutes

$10.00 may be added to Basic Back, Deluxe Back or Relaxation Massage prices to use heated stones on specific trigger points.


Hand-picked from a riverbed in Arizona, smooth heated basalt stones are placed on various trigger points and chakra areas of the body. Combined with Swedish massage techniques, either heated stones or cooled marble pieces are used to decongest the body or to ease deep tissue trigger points. LaStone Therapy provides complete mind, body and soul treatment for the ultimate in stress relaxation.

Upper Torso only
60 minutes

Full body
90 minutes


Reflexology's firm yet gentle pressure is applied to reflex points in the feet that correspond to organs and glands throughout the body. The blood flow to these organs and glands is improved restoring balance and cleansing toxins from the body.

Treatment includes foot soak, ending with Gehwol foot cream (depending on skin condition) massage on foot and lower leg.

45 minutes

with neck treatment / 55 minutes

with basic back massage / 75 minutes

with deluxe back massage / 90 minutes


Is a gentle, relaxing method to ease excessive outer ear wax buildup. May help with migraine, sinus problems and mild ear aches.

1 set / session

2 sets / session

Gently insert cotton plug (moistened with olive oil) into external ear canal: 1-2 day prior to treatment (insets for 30 minutes or overnight)


  • improves mental & physical fatigue
  • reduces stress induced headaches
  • help alleviate depression, anxiety, PMS
  • improves respiratory problems
  • reduce muscle strain
  • improves insomnia
  • improves lymphatic drainage