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Bringing massage therapy directly to you at home, office, school, or spa gathering.

This unique therapy allows you the time to relax, revitalize and rejuvenate.


Chair Massage

  • Working through clothing, treatment focuses on back, upper shoulders, neck, arms and scalp to relax and revitalize the client
  • usually done without oils or lotions

Table Massage

  • Blends two healing arts - Swedish massage techniques with nature's aromatic essential oils to ease tension and re-distribute the body's energies


  • enhance well being
  • boost immune system
  • reduce mental fatigue
  • improve productivity
  • ease lymph congestion
  • morale booster


  • Office
  • School
  • Retail
  • Home
  • Spa Party


-available upon request. (to include GST and on-site fee for travel and setup.

  • mimimum 3 people
  • maximum 6 people
  • allow 10-15 minutes between participants
  • allow 30 minutes for lunch break